LAC Kids and Youth

We want to lovingly develop our children through the truth of the Gospel so they they will know their creator and reflect Him to the world.

LAC Kids

We desire that the gospel will take root in kids hearts so that they will grow up to love and cherish the Lord for the rest of their lives. We are at the church every Sunday morning at 10am and would love to serve your child! If you have any questions, we’d love to give you a tour of our facilities and explain our processes in more detail. 


All our classes are led by volunteer members who have committed to lovingly speaking truth into our children. We offer the following classes:

  • Nursery for babies
  • Nursery for toddlers
  • Pre-school
  • Juniors (Kindergarten-1st grade)
  • Seniors (2nd-3rd grade)


We use a curriculum called The Gospel Project, which describes its mission as, “It’s more than a story, it’s the good news.” This is a weekly Bible study that helps kids of all ages dive deep into the story of God’s big plan for his people.


The safety of our children is our highest priority. All LAC Kids volunteers are background checked and have completed an annual course on child safety. We have strictly-enforced rules given to our volunteers on how to handle every detail of a Sunday morning from teaching to potty breaks. 

We have only two points of entrance to our children’s wing, one of which remains locked from the outside on Sunday mornings. The other is where you check your child in and out through a computer system.


The youth meets every Wednesday night at the church from 6:15-8:15. Our hope is that when a student comes through our youth program and graduates, they will know:

  • The story arc of the Bible and what it teaches
  • Where they can find their identity
  • Why is church important
  • Why they can be confident the Bible is true


Here’s how we do it:

Arc (4th-5th grade)

Arc teaches our youth the story arc of scripture from Genesis to Revelation.  When they graduate, we want them to be able to communicate a 5 minute summary of the Bible and have a clear understanding of how the Old Testament stories and the covenants relate to Jesus, the New Testament and our hope of His return.

Logos (6th-8th grade)

Logos is focused on studying the Bible at a greater depth, with a specific focus on identity. Our hope is that as we study the word – The Logos – they will come to see that the only identity that will bring joy to life is the one given to them by Jesus.

Abide (High School)

The goal of Abide is to help young believers grow into mature Christians and prepare them for life as an adult in Jesus. We do that by focusing on 4 big questions:

  1. What is the church?
  2. What does the church teach?
  3. How can I know that God’s Word is actually true?
  4. What does the Christian life look like?


Have questions or want to know more? Please feel free to reach out to Associate Pastor Kevin Weaver ([email protected])